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"MUDRA SCHOOL OF INDIAN CLASSICAL DANCES" is a well-known dance school in Ireland, founded 28 January 2011 by the young talented dancer and choreographer Dhanya Kiran. Dhanya Kiran is working towards extending the beautiful Indian classical art forms such as Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kerala Nadanam, Kuchipudi and Indian Folk Dance here in Europe.

In "MUDRA SCHOOL OF INDIAN CLASSICAL DANCES" she teaches both children and adults of different nationalities in Ireland. She is conducting classes including both Kalamandalam and Kalashetra style of dancing. "MUDRA SCHOOL OF INDIAN CLASSICAL DANCES" was started in 2011 and within this years It has been famous and also showed the versatility in the performance in Ireland


M i s s i o n

MISSION of MUDRA is to SPREAD the values of INDIAN CULTURE AND TRADITION through DANCING, Mudra helps the younger generation to know more about the culture and tradition of India and also its Immense relationship with various art forms.


G U R U :  Ms Dhanya Kiran. MFA (Bharathanatyam).

She is Masters in Fine arts Bharathanatyam and a Rank holder in Diploma in Bharathanatyam from Thanjavur University,

In Mudra School of Indian classical dances, she teaches students of all nationalities.

Dhanya Kiran hails from Kerala, She moved to Ireland in 2010 and has continued to follow her passion, Indian Classical dances (Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kerala Nadanam, Kuchipudi) and Indian Folk Dance. Dhanya  was initiated into this art form at the age of 5 under the renowned dance Maestro  Mr. Kalamandalam Kamalasanan

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