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                   REGISTRATION REQUIRED

                    50 SEATS ONLY

                          FOR ADULT AND CHILDREN       


                   LECTURE & DEMONSTRATION 

                ON 23RD FEBRUARY, 2014

                 AT 14:30 Hrs - 18:00 Hrs

                 CALL AND BOOK YOU SEAT

           PH: 0871390007 (PRADEEP CHANDRAN)

                  0873615290 (SHYAM PRASAD)

                  0872160733 (KIRAN BABU)


             Red Cow Moran Hotel

                         Naas Rd. Dublin 22




Dr.Rajashree Warrier is an eminent Bharatanatyam exponent,educator, classical musician and a media person from Kerala. She gives  Bharatanatyam concerts as well as Carnatic Vocal concerts all over  India and abroad. An accomplished classical musician, Rajashree  Warrier has been awarded PhD in Music by Kerala University for her    research study of Varnas in Dual Forms (Tana Varnas and Pada Varnas)  Another facet of the talented Rajashree has been her involvement with  television programs since 1990. Presently she is the Director, UTTARIKA,  Centre for Performing Arts focusing on Research and training in Bharatanatyam, Carnatic Music and Experimental Theatre.

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